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10 Things You Should Know About Me Before Working with Me as a Therapist

1. I believe that therapy is less about finding the solutions, and more about exploring the questions themselves.

We live in a society that pathologizes mental health. This generates a model of treating the “symptom,” (i.e., depression, anxiety, stress) without contextualizing where that “symptom” came from in the first place! I push back against this model. I do not conceptualize therapy to be about “fixing” someone, as I do not consider my clients to be “broken” to begin with! I believe many “mental health diagnoses” are oftentimes reactions to the experiences that we have had to endure throughout our lives, whether we wanted those experiences or not. Rather than jumping to solutions, we work together to learn about the root of the pain and suffering. With this comes greater insight and self-awareness, which can contribute to further empowerment.

2. Each individual deserves individual treatment. You are the expert of your story, and therefore, you have full autonomy over how you would like to use the therapeutic space! I like to ground my work in these three therapeutic approaches (with the knowledge that some people might need something different).

1) Feminist therapy: I acknowledge the varying systems of power and oppression within the therapeutic space and external world. We openly discuss privilege, power, and oppression and the way that it might impact both the therapeutic relationship and the external circumstances in one’s life.

2) Internal Family Systems: Each person is made up of complex parts. Each part developed from certain experiences, oftentimes stemming back to childhood. Oftentimes, we disconnect and polarize ourselves from these parts. During therapy, we become curious to these parts of you, communicating with them and learning about their role that they play in order to further liberate and empower you!

3) Psychodynamic: I believe that therapy is about so much more than the “problem” itself. Using a psychodynamic lens allows us to discuss the deeper root of some of your experiences. The past is never “really” the past because it plays out in your day-to-day life. We discuss how your past and childhood experiences may be influencing you today, and bring greater awareness to the unconscious.

3. I believe the relationship between the therapist and client can be healing in it of itself.

We often enter therapy with an idea of what a “relationship” is. We may have pre-existing relational wounds stemming from the dynamic between us and our parents or early relationships. This might make it difficult to trust and feel safe in a relationship. In this case, the therapeutic relationship (the relationship between the therapist and client) can serve as a reconciling and healing one; it demonstrates consistency, openness, safety, and trust which can serve as the catalyst for healing.

4. I believe everyone should have access to therapy.

Therapy is NOT just for times that feel entirely overwhelming and uncontrollable. Therapy can be about so much more and can offer support at any time during life. I believe that every person that wants therapy should have access to it. With that said, there are a slew of systems in place that make therapy extremely difficult to access. I try to debunk some of this inaccessibility by offering sliding scale slots to LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, and hope to offer more sliding scale and pro-bono spaces in the future of my career.

5. I deeply and genuinely care about my clients.

I often hear the question, “does my therapist really even care… or am I just another appointment through the week?” The answer is, YES… we care and we care deeply. I consider myself an empathic, passionate, genuine, authentic, warm, and caring person with a true desire to show up for you in the ways that you feel best with!

6. I hope to empower my clients.

Empowerment is my favorite word when discussing what therapy can be! We move through so much of life with a lack of autonomy. Many of us might feel chronically disempowered. We may have endured events that stripped us of our control over our bodies and lives. We might exist within oppressive systems that rob us of freedom. One of my goals for the therapeutic process is to level the power dynamics within the therapeutic space and enhance feelings of autonomy and power over your own life.

7. I am a whole person outside of being a therapist.

There is an antiquated idea that therapists are “blank slates,” or that they “have it all figured out.” I work to bring in my personality, sense of empathy, humor, and directness into the therapeutic space. I believe that therapy is a two-way street; if there are questions you feel are important to ask me before and during the therapeutic process in order to increase levels of security and trust, ask away!

8. I love group therapy.

The power of group therapy is indescribable. To witness and facilitate group work is to witness the most reverent power of connection between human beings. Isolation can be one of the scariest and most intense feelings. It might feel like you are the only person in the world that has felt this way. You feel alienated and detached. And then you come to a therapy group. And realize that in fact, you are not alone. I run a weekly women’s support group with the aim of fostering connection would love for you to join!

9. I believe that therapy and advocacy go hand in hand.

As a therapist, I am also an advocate. I try to do everything I can to support you, as my client. I stand alongside you to fight for the things you deserve and am happy to take action when appropriate.

10. Finding the “right fit” therapist is crucial in the therapeutic process.

It is more than normal for it to take a few therapists before you find one you really jive with! There are SO many factors that go into finding the right therapist for you (i.e., financial, personality fits, in-person/telehealth, belief systems, intersectional identities, etc.) Allow yourself grace and compassion and trust your instincts if you feel it is time to find a new therapist.

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