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My Specialties


Older Teens & Young Adults
Depression & Anxiety  | People Pleasing & Perfectionism | Relational Challenges |   Gender & Sexuality

I am someone who wants to work on learning about myself in a safe, supportive one-on-one environment. 

I am someone who wants to practice being in relationship with other people, build trust, and connect with others in a safe environment. 

You have taken the initiative to seek out therapy, knowing that it might be a helpful step for you! However, there might be a lot of questions of… what am I getting myself into!?!? Therapy, at its core, is a supportive, open, and validating space for individuals to share together. It is an environment for you to discuss and process previous happenings, identify current day patterns, learn about the “why” behind some of the things you think, feel, and do, and so much more. I have witnessed first hand the self-exploration, healing, and growth that folks can make and really feel in therapy. 


My goal as a therapist is to provide a warm, compassionate, and inviting environment. You are the expert of your time and your story. I strive to empower my clients to identify what it is that they are needing, and then we can use the time in whatever way feels best that day. 


Therapy is NOT like what you see in movies. We do not ALWAYS talk about trauma or deep-cutting events. In fact, therapy can be fun, light hearted, comical, and optimistic. Sometimes therapy includes art, movement, music, and games. Therapy is a process and a journey. It is not linear. It is consensual; you have full autonomy to stop therapy at any time.


It is my hope that therapy is an empowering, insightful, and supportive process for you to heal and grow in the confines of safety and validation. We will discuss all of this more during our first session, and I am ALWAYS open to any questions and concerns that you might have!  :) 

What is Therapy?

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