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Support for Pre-Licensed Therapists

Guide to Pre-Licensure 

Are you a pre-licensed clinician feeling lost, isolated, and confused by the process? Trust me, I get it! I understand the ambiguity and frustrations that come along with being a pre-licensed clinician. 

This guide is aimed to support new counselors in the pre-licensure journey by offering tangible tips to help you become the most successful pre-licensed clinician.

More Information About the Guide...

This guide includes information on…

  • The differences between educational paths to becoming a therapist

  • The licensure process

  • The licensing exams

  • Job opportunities during pre-licensure

  • Supervision

  • Being a human therapist

  • Resources


The guide is structured as follows…

  • Topic (Education, Licensing Process, Exam, Places of Work, Supervision, Being a Human Therapist, and Resources) 

    • Emily’s Experience

    • General Information

    • Specific Tips

    • Journal Prompts


Each section of the guide has information on my own experience with pre-licensure, specific tips, and guided journal prompts for your own reflection.


This guide is focused on a COUNSELOR’s pre-licensure journey (i.e., master’s in mental health counseling). It does not have a lot of information on social work, marriage and family therapists, or doctoral degrees.


I am a pre-licensed therapist in the Philadelphia area and own my private practice. This guide is filled with information that I have gathered along the way, that I wish I knew before!



  • This information is based on MY experience, and should be taken as such.

  • I am working towards my professional counseling license. I went to graduate school for my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

  • This information is NOT advice, therapy, supervision, coaching. This is merely support from a fellow pre-licensed clinician.

  • I am still pre-licensed, working under supervision.

  • Please do your own research around these topics and see how they apply to you, your goals, and your desired state’s licensure.

  • This guide is property of Emily Powell Counseling Services, and is not to be disseminated or sold by any other party.

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