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Business Meeting


Are you a school or a business looking to support your community's mental health?

I offer mental health workshops and speaking engagements catered to YOUR community's needs.  

For Schools...

  • Trainings for staff members to support students' mental health 

  • Workshops for staff members to promote their own mental and emotional well-being 

  • Public speaking engagements for both parents of students and/or students to uplift and highlight the importance of mental health

For Businesses...

  • ​Workshops to support employee mental health and promote work-life balance 

  • Creation and implementation of wellness/mental health initiatives

  • One on one therapy sessions for employees 

  • Public speaking engagements 

We collaborate in creating an opportunity for your students or staff members to feel connected and supported in their mental health. These engagements offer mental health education, advocacy, and awareness so that we can uplift your community as a whole. 

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