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Ready to Feel 

You Deserve It. 

I help young adults understand themselves in a deeper way so they feel empowered to be their most authentic self.

Emily Powell Therapist

I work with young adults who feel disconnected from themselves and their needs. This can feel like people pleasing, perfectionism, low self worth, and difficulties in relationships. 

My rate for individual sessions is $150/ session.

I reserve a certain number of sliding scale slots for clients who have financial barriers. 

Due to licensure requirements, I work ONLY with folks living in Pennsylvania, USA. 

Depression, Low Self Worth

& Perfectionism

Relational Challenges & Attachment Wounds

Gender & Sexuality Exploration

About You

Emily Powell Therapist

If you are a young adult feeling...

  • disconnected from who you really are, and what you really want and need

  • consumed by the anxious, self-hating, perfectionistic, and people-pleasing voices in your mind

  • stuck in relationships that leave you feeling unfulfilled and empty

  • unsure of how to set boundaries that serve your needs 

  • like you want to get to the root of the problem, rather than just "solutionize" or "intellectualize"

... then you have made it one step closer to initiating your healing journey! By looking for a therapist, you are looking for a change. You are ready to build up your relationship with yourself and others. You want to learn to identify your own needs, rather than "live and do for others." You are eager to become the most aligned and empowered version of yourself.  

 Perhaps you grew up in a household where your caregivers were unable to meet your needs - emotionally or physically. Perhaps you have been harmed by people who were supposed to show up for you. Perhaps you are struggling with your current relationships as a result of this past hurt. 


You do not need to feel isolated in your pain. 

You deserve support, and I am here for you!

Emily Powell Therapist

I am so excited to connect with you and be a part of your therapeutic journey! I am an inviting, passionate, genuine, and collaborative therapist. I believe strongly in empowering my clients through insight and internal healing work. You are the expert of your story, and I am here to listen.


I specialize in working with folks who have endured relational and attachment wounds, creating a disconnection from themselves and the people around them. 

  • I am currently accepting new clients.

  • I work with older teens and young adults  (18-35 y.o).

  • I offer both individual and group therapy.

  • I am  trained in EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. 


I am a gender affirming, anti-racist, feminist therapist dedicated to healing and empowerment.


I am currently pre-licensed, working under the supervision of Tasha Jackson, PhD, LPC, and Catherine Hidalgo, LPC, BC-DMT.

About Me

I offer a free-15 minute consultation call to ensure that we are a great fit for therapy! 

Ready to Feel Seen, Heard, & Empowered? 

Please fill out the form below, and I will email you shortly after!

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EMDR Therapy
IFS-informed Therapy

Individual and
Group Therapy 

Telehealth Therapy in Pennsylvania

Attachment Based Therapy for Older Teens & Young Adults

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