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Ready to Feel 

You Deserve It. 

I help young adults feel seen and heard so that they may become the most authentic version of themselves. 

Anxiety & Depression 

Relational & Attachment Challenges

Gender & Sexuality Exploration

Traumatic Experiences

The rate for all individual sessions is $150/session. I reserve a certain number of sliding scale slots for clients who have financial barriers. 

About You

Psychologist Session

If you are a young adult feeling...

  • overwhelmed by life’s complexities

  • consumed by the anxious, fearful, and depressed parts of you

  • worn down by relationships that feel more draining than they do fulfilling

... then you have made it one step closer to initiating your healing journey! If you made it this far, I have learned something about you. You are looking for a change. You are ready to heal. You are eager to become the most aligned version of yourself.  

Perhaps you grew up in a household where your caregivers were unable to provide you the emotional attunement and attachment that you needed. Perhaps you have been harmed by people who were "supposed to" show up for you. Perhaps you are struggling with your current relationships as a result of this deep-rooted pain. 


You do not need to face it all alone. You deserve support, and I am here to support you! 


I am so excited to connect with you and be a part of your therapeutic journey! I am a warm, inviting, genuine, and collaborative therapist. I believe strongly in empowering my clients through insight and internal healing work. You are the expert of your story, and I am here to listen.


I am currently accepting new clients. I work with older teens and young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-exploration, and relational struggles. I offer both individual and group therapy. I am a trained EMDR therapist. 


I am a gender affirming, anti-racist, feminist therapist dedicated to healing and empowerment. 

About Me

Client Testimonials

"I have known Emily for a few years now and I can say that she is the most supportive person you can have in your life. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond for them. I struggled with a lot of childhood trauma that formed into other issues in my adult life. Emily worked with me until I found the help I needed for my ED. She has always encouraged me to use my voice and validated every feeling I have felt. There is no judgment with Emily. It is a truly safe space and she will always help you find the good in yourself."

Please try to include the following (as long as you feel comfortable doing so!) 

  • Brief reasons for seeking therapy

  • Your age

  • Your preferred pronouns 

  • Times you are available for the consultation 

  • Times you are available for ongoing sessions 



Thank you for submitting! 

I offer a free-15 minute consultation call to ensure that we are a great fit for therapy! 

Ready to Feel Seen? 

Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
EMDR Therapy

In-Person Therapy in Philadelphia 

Telehealth Therapy in Pennsylvania

Therapy for Older Teens & Young Adults

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