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Emily Powell | M.S.Ed, M.Phil.Ed | University of Pennsylvania 

Serving Teens & Young Adults in PA

Chestnut Hill & Telehealth

EMDR Trained Psychotherapist

Ready to Heal? 
You deserve it.

Are you a young adult feeling overwhelmed by life’s stressors? Are you feeling anxious and depressed from all of the challenges that life seems to be throwing at you, both past and present? Are you worn down by relationships that feel more draining than they do fulfilling? You don’t have to face it all alone. You deserve support, and I am here to support you! 

I am so excited to connect with you and be a part of your therapeutic journey! My underlying goal for therapy is to create a collaborative, safe, non-judgmental, and open environment. You are the expert of your story, and I am here to listen.


I am currently accepting new clients. I work with older teens and young adults struggling with depression, anxiety, self-exploration, and relational struggles. I offer both individual and group therapy. I am a trained EMDR therapist. 


I am a gender affirming, anti-racist, feminist therapist dedicated to healing and empowerment. 


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8627 Germantown Ave | Chestnut Hill, PA


PA residents only

+1 (215) 671 - 6861

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